My Dance Career: Q&A with Katherine Richardson

Katherine is our amazing Principal, who build The Village School of Dance into the thriving school if is today! We know you all adore her, so we wanted to delve deeper to find out more a
bout her and any advice she has for those who wish to pursue a career in our wonderful industry.


Q: When did you start dancing?
A: When I was 3 years old.
Q: What made you decide you wanted a career in dance?
A: Dancing took up most of my time aside from school and I absolutely loved how it made me feel. I’ve always enjoyed working with children and seeing them learn and develop, so it made total sense to explore a career where I could combine them both.
Q: What training did you do and where did you do it?
A: I have a BA (hons) degree from the Royal Academy of Dance in Battersea.

Q: What are your favourite things about working in the dance industry?
A: To be able to do my hobby as a job was an absolute dream. It’s a pleasure to see the joy that dance brings to others and I feel incredibly lucky to be able to nurture that.
Q: What advice would you give for those thinking of working within the dance industry?
A: Go for it! The dance industry offers so many varying avenues to everyone and if it’s a passion for someone then embrace it!
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