My Career: Interview with Chloe Chapman

Chloe is one of our Ballet, Tap and Modern dance teachers at The Village School of Dance, as well as Katherine’s trusty assistant while she is on maternity leave. This week we took the time to chat to her about her dance career and to find out what advice she has for those who wish to pursue a career in our wonderful industry.

Q: When did you start dancing?

A: I started dancing at the age of 5 in Whitstable, Kent. Initially my parents just put me into Modern dance classes as a bit of exercise, but after my first term I was hooked! I’d dance anywhere and everywhere I could. I honestly made every location a stage – supermarket aisles, beach promenades, the conservatory… you name it I danced there! By the end of the first year of signing up, I was taking classes in Ballet, Tap, Modern, National and was being invited to compete in local competitions!


Q: What made you decide you wanted a career in dance?

A: I honestly don’t remember a time where I had to decide, for me, my career was always going to be in dancing. If you ask any of my family or friends to describe me, one of the first things they will say is ‘dancer’ because dancing is so much of who I am, how I express myself and how I connect with other people. I love the feeling of dancing and how it brings so much joy to my life, so being able to share that experience with others is amazing. Originally I wanted to be a performer on stage, but while I was auditioning I taught on the side and got the bug! From then I never looked back and knew that teaching was 100% the right route for me.

Q: What training did you do and where did you do it? 

As a child I trained at an evening school in Whitstable, where I learnt the ISTD syllabus in Ballet, Tap, Modern and National. Luckily I was also invited to take part in competitions both locally, regionally and nationally, where I learnt even more styles and developed my choreography skills. After A-Levels, I successfully went on to train in dance and musical theatre at Bird College in Sidcup and then went into the big wide world of auditioning. However, once I had decided I wanted to go into teaching, I returned to my old school in Whitstable to gain my Diploma in Dance Education with the ISTD in Ballet, Tap, and Modern dance. Now 7 years later, and with lots of experience in the bag and I am now working towards passing the next level of ISTD teacher training, known as Licentiate, which I will hopefully have passed in the new year!


Q: What are your favourite things about working in the dance industry?

A: The fact I get to dance every day of my life! As I said before, dancing is my first love and I get so much happiness from waking up in the morning knowing each day will be filled with dance. I also adore being able to work with like minded people, who also share your passion and dedication to dance and performance. I particularly like knowing that I work within an industry that is all about entertaining people and making others happy – I believe that is so important in a world that can feel heavy and challenging at times.


Q: What advice would you give for those thinking of working within the dance industry?

A: Be ready to work hard! This can be a challenging industry sometimes, but it is incredibly rewarding and enjoyable. You need to be able to believe in yourself and have the confidence to put yourself out there, without worrying about what others think. A lot of work within the dance industry is classed as self-employment which is amazing and gives you lots of freedom, but this requires you to exactly what I said above, work hard and put yourself out there! I’d also encourage you to look into all the different careers within the dance industry and find some work experience in the areas that speak to you the most. There is nothing more beneficial than actually doing the job for a few days to see if it is up your street!


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