The benefits of dancing for children

We all know how dancing makes us feel when we hear our favourite song on the radio and we can’t stop our moves.

Dancing is an exercise that helps us fight stress, anxiety and sadness. But as well as helping us on an emotional level, it also helps us to keep fit and healthy.

On top of all these benefits, it’s even better if you practise this with your children because you will make a bond and a stronger relationship with them.

Here are five benefits of this fantastic activity for your kids!

Great cardiovascular exercise

To dance is a really good way to exercise. When we dance, we move all our body and we’re exercising without realising. Because of this, it is the perfect activity to improve flexibility and keep fit. It’s an excellent way to make our children do their daily exercise.

Source of happiness

It’s an ideal exercise for letting go of tension. It helps them to relax and it helps us too if we practise with them. It also raises their self-esteem, they will feel more confident in themselves.

Helps to overcome shyness

Sometimes we worry too much when our children are not open and sociable. There are a lot of shy children and there is nothing wrong with this. But if you want to help them to overcome this, dancing is a fantastic way to start. They will meet other children doing the same activity. Being part of a group improves their communication skills.

Encourages creativity

Encouraging our children’s creativity in their early years improves their intellectual capacity. Dancing can help them focus better, because their brains are making new structures that will be very useful in their self-development.

Physical bonus

Dance has numerous physical benefits.

First, it stimulates blood circulation and the respiratory system.

It also helps to correct bad posture and gain elasticity by supporting muscular development.

It helps for the development of psychomotricity because they have to learn the steps of the dances to coordinate their movements.

In this way, it improves coordination, balance and reflexes, as well as enhances the ability to express yourself with your body language.

Now you don’t have any excuse!

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