2024 – The Year of the Blog!

2024 – The Year of the Blog!

Back in the depths of the pandemic, I (Miss Chloe) really got into a rhythm of writing blogs for The Village School of Dance and enjoyed it so much. It was a great way of keeping our community connected and to educate our students about what we offer and how the school runs.

It’s safe to say that I definitely fell of that blog bandwagon pretty quickly as soon as we came out of the pandemic, and went full force into re-building the business and running three branches!

In 2024, it’s my mission to get a blog out to you every month (maybe more often if I am feeling very ambitious!). Here’s what you can look forward to reading about…

  • Upcoming Events & Workshops
  • Student Successes
  • New classes starting
  • How do we decide if a student is ready for exams?
  • What happens during exams?
  • What is the grading system for exams?
  • How can I help prepare my child for dance exams?
  • Why is dance uniform important?
  • Our Venues
  • Our Team
  • What it takes to be a professional dancer
  • Career paths in Dance
  • What is Tap Dance?
  • What is Contemporary Dance?
  • What is AcroDance?
  • What is Modern Dance?
  • Our top Theatre Trip Picks 2024
  • and much much more…..

Keep an eye out for all of our blog posts in 2024!

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